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Generally an inspection will take 3-4 hours depending on the size of the property. Additional time may be required for extra services added on.

Definitely. Being present is recommended so you are able to see some of the issues first hand. Sometimes seeing these issues makes them easier to understand what is being described. You will receive an oral report of any issues at the time of the inspection as well as a written report following the inspection.

No. Even a newly built property can have issues. Manmade objects are bound to have flaws. Mistakes can be made and overlooked. Corners could be cut. Having an inspection is still a good idea.

No. Getting an inspection if you are selling a property is also a good idea. Finding and correcting any issues before the property is listed for sale will help you maximize the value of the property and help prevent any issues that could delay the sales process. Sometimes small updates to certain items such as light fixtures, window coverings or making sure all the door knobs match will have a huge impact at very little cost.  

Yes. Having the property inspected isn’t to look for ugly paint colors. Checking the condition of the furnace and hot water heater and checking that they are functioning properly is just the start. Having thermal image scanning of the windows alerts you to heat or coolant loss that could cost you more on your energy bill in the future. Checking the attic for proper insulation and venting will also help you save on heating and cooling. With a thorough inspection you’ll have the peace of mind knowing everything is working as it should and keeping your hard earned dollars in your pocket.

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