Sewer Scope

Know the condition of the sewer.

Possibly one of the most commonly ignored, yet most important parts of inspecting a home that you’re interested in purchasing. A sewer scope inspection. 

The cost of a sewer scope inspection may vary slightly, however, it’s quite affordable, and in most cases the cost will be less than $200. 

This may seem steep at first, however, compare that to the cost of repairing a broken sewer line that could cost you around $250-$300 per foot of repaired line. Repairing and replacing an entire sewer line or a line with major structural faults could easily run you thousands of dollars.  

Don't find out the hard way.

Sewer issues can lead to more than just a slow draining tub or sink. Root intrusion into the system, objects blocking the flow or any other unseen issue down the line could lead to complete system failure causing a back up, especially in times of high usage. These back ups could lead to a huge mess to clean up and costly damage to your home. Drywall, flooring, cabinetry, any personal items or anything else in the path, not to mention the disruption to your everyday life while these repairs are being made.  The destruction isn’t contained to the fixture that backs up. A plugged system could back up floor drains which could flood the basement with sewer water which could damage stored items or effect any areas being utilized for a living space.

It's not just inside the home.

When you don’t find out until it’s too late, the damage is already done. On top of having to deal with a mess inside the home, and making any repairs caused by the failure of the system, you’ll still have to fix the cause of it all. The sewer system will have to be excavated, the issue located, and the proper repairs made. This could lead to even more money out of your pocket when you factor in other things such as any landscaping effected, a sprinkler system in the way of the work or any concrete that may be over where repairs need to be performed.

The only way to fully inspect the system to get an accurate view of it's condition and to find any obstructions is to have a sewer scope performed. The video of the inspection will reveal any tree roots, breaks in the system or any other problems there may be, and will help determine the location of the issue. Leaving these issues undetected could be a huge mistake.