When scheduling online, in rare cases prices may vary slightly from what is selected. Age of the home, additional square footage, additional bathrooms (more than 3), additional HVAC, multiple water heaters, inspections outside the normal service areas, or add on services such as radon or sewer scopes are some things that will effect the final cost. The online scheduling will get the appointment booked, get the base price set and give us a chance to communicate what the full price will be after getting all of the property information gathered. No price change will be made without proper communication between you and your inspector. There will be no excessive or surprise charges. For more information, or if you believe your inspection needs may be higher than the standard fee, I am available to answer any questions with a click on the contact link below or the chat option in the lower right hand corner.


The link below will take you to the scheduling page. Please make sure to select any options that may apply to your needs. Once your inspection has been submitted you will be contacted for additional information pertaining to the home. If there will be any additional charges or if you qualify for a discount you will be promptly notified. If all parties agree, a pre-inspection agreement will be sent for you to sign, and once returned to RealView a verification message will be sent to you confirming our appointment.

All add-on services will require a 96 hour (4days) notice prior to the inspection date to be performed in advance of the inspection to allow time for testing and processing of results.  

Guarantee and Discounts

The “Buy Back Guarantee” is available and will be applied to all home inspections that qualify. Discounts are available to those who qualify. Proof of qualification may be requested at the time of the inspection. If proper proof is not made available upon request, the discount may be voided. Any discount request must be made prior the pre-inspection agreement process.

For more information click the links below.